A Stellar Slide Show from Stellar Heli Skiing

Some pics and tunes to enjoy with your morning coffee.

Jason Remple from Stellar Heliskiing put this little slideshow together to show us some of the terrain. He has succeeded on two fronts: the first is that now we all can see just how amazing the peaks and steeps are at Stellar. The second is that now that Fall is here, he hs contributed to our feeling of hope that winter is on its way and this horrible purgatory of Fall will be over soon!

Thanks Jason. Enjoy.


Introducing CMH K2 - a new Heliskiing Experience

K2 Teams up with CMH to offer something completely different


We gave you a teaser a couple of days ago and this morning the annoucement it out: CMH K2 is official! What is it you may ask? CMH K2 is a brand new and revolutionary concept from two very innovated ski companies. CMH and K2 Skis have teamed up to offer a heli skiing and lodge experience like no other. Guests will be treated to exclusive trips with prominent K2 athletes, be able to test new K2 skis and give real consumer feedback to actual ski designers, and stay in a totally revamped lodge called the CMH K2 Rotor Lodge. The lodge is located in Nakusp BC in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia.

Here is part of the official announcement from CMH K2:

"A blend of the CMH Heli-Skiing experience and the "Serious Fun" of K2 skis, CMH K2 is bound to offer a powder playground for skiers of all types. Based in the town of Nakusp B.C., you will stay at the CMH K2 Rotor Lodge: The coolest motor lodge in the world! The Rotor Lodge will be your base camp to access the huge ski terrain in the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges. CMH K2 has a wide array of different trip types, including small group Heli-Skiing, womens trips, athlete weeks, and film schools. After making turns down some of the best runs of your life, you can sit back and soak in the natural hot springs, get a massage, and enjoy the gourmet meals."

You have to visit the CMH K2 site for all of the details and get in on this revolutionary idea. I am sure there will be some legendary stories coming from CMH K2 this year...

For all the details: CMH K2 - The Coolest News in the Ski Industry

Revolution with CMH and K2 Skis

A revolutionary partnership perhaps...


We have recieved word of a revolutionary new partnership between K2 Skis and the legendary CMH Heliskiing. Details are fuzzy at this point but stay tuned for the full announcement on September 20th at 9am PT. We are stoked to here what these two creative and ground-breaking companies have cooked up together.

In our travels we have seen ski companies supply an army of demos to operators. We have even seen specific skis designed for an area. But this feels a little bigger, a little more revolutionary...

Details on Thursday.

Progress on the New lodge at Mica Heli

Working hard all summer to enjoy all winter!


The new lodge is taking shape up at Mica Heli this summer. The builders are taking advantage of the summer weather and getting this new 'shack' ready for the upcoming season. The above photo is going to be the view from the new dinning room. Think about it...ski in epic powder all day in Mica's legendary terrain and then enjoy a professioanly prepared meal looking out into this valley. Yup, I'm sold!

Check out more pics of the new lodge up at Mica Heli on their Facebook page here: Mica Heli Facebook

NEH Soul Video Edit

Big Mountains and Big Snow in this latest vid from Nothern Escape Heli-skiing

This new video edit just popped up on our radar so we thought we had better share it right away! It is the latest promo video published by Nothern Escape Heli-Skiing in collaboration with Big Tree Media. We find it so painful to watch videos like this in the springtime but hold out hope for another sick season next year!

For more info on NEH, please click here >>>

Mica Heliskiing Website Gets a New Look

It's worth a look for the intro alone!


Mica Heliskiing has just launched a sweet looking new website. It has all of the info that the last one had but with a jazzed up new intro page. Your entire screen wil be filled with a new Mica Heliskiing video that will surely make starting your work week more difficult. I think I have watched it three times already.

Check it out here: www.micaheli.com

It looks like they still have a few spots open for the season too...

Go Beyond with Last Frontier Heliskiing

A 25 second trailer to get you stoked

The official trailer to Last Frontier Heliskiing's 2013 Go Beyond Video. Full feature airs October 2012.

Last Frontier Heliskiing is the largest single heliskiing area on the planet! They offer 100% small group heliskiing. This video is a sample of the epic tree runs & massive alpine terrain. Last Frontier is located in northern British Columbia in the Skeena and Coast mountains. more terrain = more runs = more options!

For more info, check out their website here: http://www.lastfrontierheli.com/

Salomon Freeski TV Season 6 Teaser

Each year Mike Douglas and his crew step it up a notch. This year looks like a big notch!

It wasn't a good idea to watch this video on a Monday morning in August. All the fresh powder flashbacks to last season. All the dreams of what is to come this season...but first, all this work on my desk and a few months of the most painful season of the year: Fall!.

Season 6 of Salomon Freeski TV looks incredible. The new series starts rolling out across the interwebs on October 9th so try and get some work done between now and then. It looks like there is some Canada in there of course and a segment from Last Frontier Heliskiing up in northern BC.


Stay Cool with this Heli Skiing Inspired Fan

The Upside Down Fan by Raffaele Iannello


We saw this on a designer website and had to post it. I mean, what heliskiing addict wouldn't want this in their house?! The model is to scale of the original copter and comes complete with a remote controlled motor that can be adjusted to three different speeds.

With this machine hanging in your bedroom, you would be sure to have dreams of heli skiing all summer.

For more, click here >>>

Mica Heliskiing Announces a New Lodge

The same stunning location with even more spectacular views!

mica heli skiing new lodgeMica Heli Skiing has announced the construction of a brand new lodge. It will be located in the same amazing location but has been designed to maximized the mind-blowing views that their guests enjoy so much. We only have a few sneak preview images of the lodge but when we get some larger ones we will be sure to post them.

This new lodge is schedules for a grand opening in December 2012 (yes, this coming season!) We suggest checking in with Mica Heliskiing to see if you can get in on a grand opening week of skiing.

Stay tuned for more info on the new lodge project at Mica Heli Skiing...

Mica Heli Skiing offers a true small group skiing experience including:

   - 100% small group heliskiing
   - Four groups of four with two A-Stars
   - Additional single occupancy rooms
   - Panoramic dining experience
   - Roof top hot tubs
   - Separate bar and lounge
   - Dedicated fitness area
   - The same stunning location with even more spectacular views!

For more information contact Darren atl 1.877.837.6191 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.