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Perhaps you need a little TLH Heliskiing in your life

Tempt yourself with this teaser from TLH Heliskiing

TLH Heliskiing offers guests truly unforgettable world class heliskiing adventures at the @Tyax Resort Lodge. All our packages include unlimited vertical with 1 group per helicopter.You can relax in their luxury mountain accomdation after exploring their 1 million acres of terrain. The mountains seem endless up there.

Enjoy this eye-candy and consider treating yourself to a little TLH this season.

Get Your Early Season Fix from Stellar Heliskiing

A little teaser to remind you why Stellar is so....Stellar

Like most ski addicts I have spent the better part of the morning searching out the latest ski videos, pictures, stories, updates...whatever I could get my eyes on. It is early season here in BC and although the snow is piling up we don't get under way in the heliskiing world for another couple of weeks. There is a significant storm system on the way next week but that doesn't help the immediate need for a deep powder fix!

Thanks to Jason from Stellar Heliskiing we have this lovely little gem of a video to get us through. He had Stellar/SWS resident photographer and all around good guy Steve Shannon put together this compilation of shots taken throughout the 2012/13 season. There is nothing like awesome photos of incredible terrain to get you thinking about your next trip!

As Stellar gets ready for the coming season, be sure to check out their availability, call your best friends and get out there. We have skied with Jason and Steve and can't think of a better crew to take your around some of the best terrain in BC.

Enjoy the video.

Outdoor Research goes searching for the Sidecountry

OR launches a new skier focused clothing line

OR-7332LogoFor the 2010/10 season, Outdoor Research has come out with a Sidecountry clothing line. This line of clothing was designed more specifically for mechanized skiing (lift, cat, heli). Complete with all the things you look for in a regular ski jacket, but still with the great features and infinite guarantee you have come to expect from Outdoor Research.

New Avalanche Safety from BCA

Protect your head, Prevent Burial

BCA-productsExcavation time is by far the biggest contributing factor in avalanche fatalities. By reducing or eliminating burial depth you substantially increase your chances of survival. The Float 30 is the first airbag that is both affordable and easily reusable. Back Country Access uses a smaller cylinder, single–chamber 150–liter airbag, and super–efficient venturi system to reduce cost and weight. The airbag itself not only helps prevent burial, but protects the head, neck and upper body from trauma. With its location behind the head and away from the hips and arms, it preserves the user’s peripheral vision and his or her ability to escape the avalanche before it picks up speed.
Click here for more info and a demo video of the BCA Float 30

2011 Powder Skis!

Fresh Boards for your pleasure

Here is a look at some of our favourite 2011 Powder Skis from K2, Armada, Rossignol, and  Volkl.

Armada-JJ-20112011 Armada JJ

Fairly mellow graphic, great ski that can do everything well.

k2-hellbent-20112011 K2 Hellbent

Ugly as ever, but still skis awesome!  Amazingly maneuverable for such a large ski, and you can still rail turns if you put em up on edge.

k2-obsethed-20112011 K2 Obsethed

Great graphic, gotta love the bright bases.  New Powder rocker on the front ( more like the Hell Bent ) with classic rocker on the back.  Still one of my favorite skis made even better.

Volkl-Chopstick-20112011 Volkl Chopstick

I really want to get these out in the powder to really try them out.  Great graphic, the Volkl feel in a big pow pow ski.

Rossignol-s7-20112011 Rossignol S7

Nice graphic, not as friendly on the groomed as the rest. Very solid ski. 

Xavier De Le Rue Gets Followed by an Autonomous Drone at CMH Galena

Using the HEXO+ Aerial Drone

This video could be a sign of things to come in sport filming. This edit was shot completely using a drone. Nothing new we know, but this drone was flown without a pilot. That's right, autonomous drone technology has trickled its way into sports photography. Is this a sign of SkyNet and the robot apocalypse? Perhaps. Until then, enjoy this cool filming experience by Xavier De Le Rue at CMH Galena

(NOTE: we know the video says Alaska, it is CMH us)

Revolution with CMH and K2 Skis

A revolutionary partnership perhaps...


We have recieved word of a revolutionary new partnership between K2 Skis and the legendary CMH Heliskiing. Details are fuzzy at this point but stay tuned for the full announcement on September 20th at 9am PT. We are stoked to here what these two creative and ground-breaking companies have cooked up together.

In our travels we have seen ski companies supply an army of demos to operators. We have even seen specific skis designed for an area. But this feels a little bigger, a little more revolutionary...

Details on Thursday.

Icebreaker Realfleece; They're real and they're spectacular

It's like wearing a sheep on your back, but less smelly

icebreaker-realfleece-heliIcebreaker, which pioneered merino outdoor clothing in 1994, is introducing Realfleece in its Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  The team has been outfitted with realfleece this year and it is comfy and toasty.  Add this to an already great selection of base layers, and Icebreaker has everything you need to stay warm this winter. 

icebreaker-realfleece-01-heliRealfleece is a premium natural alternative to a synthetic fleece – but, unlike synthetics, looks good enough to wear out socially. Made from the world’s best merino, grown by merino sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, it’s exceptionally warm, soft and cosy.

The interior of each Realfleece garment has a terry knit construction, with loft that has been brushed to create air pockets that trap air and lock in body heat. The outside has a smooth, stylish, air-permeable jersey finish.

Realfleece garments are ideal to wear during low aerobic sports, such as hiking, and to warm up or warm down from high aerobic sports, such as running.

New Icebreaker for winter 2011

Get your wool on

gt-260-pursuit-400pxWe just found our about some new stuff coming down the pipe from Icebreaker to keep you toasty and warm this season when you're out in the mountains. Icebreaker's Fall/Winter 2010/11 GT Range is designed to give wearers a compettitive advantage in high performance sports. Merino wool is paired with LYCRA for a technical fit and faster dry time while strategically placed eyelet fabric adds ventilation.

 Check out the GT line here.