New Horizons for Stellar Heliskiing

Jason Remple goes full time and grows with his enthusiastic partners


Today Stellar Heli Skiing (Stellar), announced that it has taken on active investment partners to bolster its management and operational team as it continues to offer premier heli skiing to its guests. The new partners are Bjorn Algkvist and Stefan Engstrom, who are dedicated skiers based in Stockholm, Sweden and Zermatt, Switzerland. Bjorn and Stefan each have over 30 years of business and snow sports related experience. Stellar was founded in 2005 by Kerry Luckey and Jason Remple, and currently operates out of Kaslo, in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia....

Get Your Early Season Fix from Stellar Heliskiing

A little teaser to remind you why Stellar is so....Stellar

Like most ski addicts I have spent the better part of the morning searching out the latest ski videos, pictures, stories, updates...whatever I could get my eyes on. It is early season here in BC and although the snow is piling up we don't get under way in the heliskiing world for another couple of weeks. There is a significant storm system on the way next week but that doesn't help the immediate need for a deep powder fix!

Thanks to Jason from Stellar Heliskiing we have this lovely little gem of a video to get us through. He had Stellar/SWS resident photographer and all around good guy Steve Shannon put together this compilation of shots taken throughout the 2012/13 season. There is nothing like awesome photos of incredible terrain to get you thinking about your next trip!

As Stellar gets ready for the coming season, be sure to check out their availability, call your best friends and get out there. We have skied with Jason and Steve and can't think of a better crew to take your around some of the best terrain in BC.

Enjoy the video.

Last Frontier 2014 Promo Video

Tenure the size of a 1/3 of Switzerland..WHAT?!

Last Frontier Heliskiing has made an amazing short film here to really show the world just how big their terrain is. Some of the shots in this video are unreal. The mountains seem to go on forever and ever. They truly are in the Last Frontier.

Enjoy the video and then start saving for your ultimate heli ski trip.

The Cold Rush 2015

Get Stoked for the Full Length Video coming November 2014

Get a glimpse of what it is like heliskiing in the far reaches of Canada at Last Frontier Heliskiing. If this 40 second teaser is any indication, the full length is going to be powder filled eye candy that fill the dreams of skiers all over! This place looks so alluring not only because it is remote but because the powder looks incredible. My guess would be that it is the perfect blend of Alaska and BC in one spot.

Watch for the feature film coming November 2014. Until then, stop by the website at:

Powder and Sunshine Wall to Wall

April Fools was no joke at Snowwater Heli

The only April Fools joke is that the jokes on you if you weren't here! Most people don't think of skiing deep powder and bright sunshine in April but we have had a late season storm cycle blow through that dropped over 30cms of light Kootenay pow. 

The snow is deep, the sun is warm and the vibe here at Snowwater is starting to measure on the Richter Scale. Two more days of this and plenty more pics on the way. For now, enjoy these pics and get your booking in for next season.