Peak Travels Profile of Snowwater Heliskiing

Peak Travels had some epic snow for this trip! It looks incredible. Add that to the Snowwater experience and I am sure these guys will be dreaming about this trip for a while. As Partic says in the video, at Snowwater they want you to go home tired! They do this with guaranteed unlimited vertical. Snow storm roll in? No problem, they shuffle you right into the cat standing by.

World class food - check.
Unique wine selection - checkDeep and light Kootenay pow - check
Going home with an experience you will never forget - CHECK!

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Steep Shots and Pillow Drops with CMH

Things get playful at CMH K2 Rotor Lodge

Do you like powder? Do you like pillow drops? Do you like both put together with a dash of K2 skis added into the mix? Check out this video from CMH K2 Rotor Lodge. Located in Nakusp BC, CMH and K2 have come together and developed a unique offering where the goal is not only epic BC powder, but to search out all the hits and drops they can find. It looks like good times in the apres down at the Rotor lodge too!

Selkirk Tangiers with Freeride Media

Deep, light, blower pow just outside of Revelstoke BC

Bob Legasa and the crew from Freeride Media visted Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing and filmed this tasty video for the Freeride Chronicles. Everything about their experience there looks top notch. From the epic BC powder to the hospitality to the relationships made on trips like these. As they say on the video, "it is the vacation that stays with you for years and years!" 

What really sticks out about this video is the range of skiers. You have guys, ladies, experts, casual pow skiers and the ocassional back flip thrown in for good measure! Selkirk Tangiers clearly accomodates all levels of heliskiers. And the apres ski looks incredible!

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Cold Rush Featuring Last Frontier Heliskiing

Check out the full length film getting you stoked for 2014/15

As promised, here is the full length film from Last Frontier Heliskiing - The Cold Rush. Tucked away in the far north reaches of British Columbia, Last Frontier operates on grounds that were once populated with gold hungry prospectors. Today it is a different kind of mining going on - it is a rush for powder! 


Heliskiing Turns 50

Powder Magazine Honours the History of Heliskiing in Canada

Heliskiing Turns 50

50 years ago in the winter of 64/65 an adventurer by the name of Hans Gmoser started a movement that would spark backcountry tourism, gear development and even give birth to catskiing a few years later. He started Canadian Mountain Holidays, know to most as CMH. CMH now has a dozen lodges sprinkled around BC and is now accompanied by another 18 heliski operations.

Powder Magazine  has put together a little tribute to the dawn of heliskiing. Check out the galleries and stories on

Powder Magazine - Heliskiing at 50

Snow Check December 5th at Stellar Heliskiing

It's that time of year again...

Yes, it is that time of year again. The time of the season where everyone else is just jonesin' for some powder. The time of year we are all wrapped up in Christmas festivities. The time of year where Jason from Stellar Heliskiing taunts us with his short but tasty vids from his 'snow checks' up in his tenure. We take comfort in knowing that Jason is so thorough that he frequently tests the snow so it will be perfect for his clients. It is nice to see people 'work' as hard as he does!

Thanks for the teasers Jason. Keep em coming!

Hans Gmoser Films for your viewing pleasure

Take a trip back to where it all began

50 years ago Hans Gmoser started something special. He wasn't the first to fall in love with the mountains in Canada, nor was he the first to make ski films. He was the first to bring a helicopter into the mix and start touring people around to share his experiences. Although Gmoser is credited with the birth of heliskiing as we know it today, many people are not famliar with him as a film maker. 

As the video above illustrates, Hans had a deep passion for the mountains and sharing it with other people. He skied endless peaks with the likes of Jim McConkey (father to the late Shane McConkey) and other pioneering skiers and mountaineers. 

Early in 2014 Hans Moser's films were restored and released for viewing. The above video is just a taste of what Moser produced. It is an eye opening window into the past and where our modern skiing and backcountry exploits got their beginnings. 

So sit back and enjoy the show!