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Stay Cool with this Heli Skiing Inspired Fan

The Upside Down Fan by Raffaele Iannello


We saw this on a designer website and had to post it. I mean, what heliskiing addict wouldn't want this in their house?! The model is to scale of the original copter and comes complete with a remote controlled motor that can be adjusted to three different speeds.

With this machine hanging in your bedroom, you would be sure to have dreams of heli skiing all summer.

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Mica Heliskiing Announces a New Lodge

The same stunning location with even more spectacular views!

mica heli skiing new lodgeMica Heli Skiing has announced the construction of a brand new lodge. It will be located in the same amazing location but has been designed to maximized the mind-blowing views that their guests enjoy so much. We only have a few sneak preview images of the lodge but when we get some larger ones we will be sure to post them.

This new lodge is schedules for a grand opening in December 2012 (yes, this coming season!) We suggest checking in with Mica Heliskiing to see if you can get in on a grand opening week of skiing.

Stay tuned for more info on the new lodge project at Mica Heli Skiing...

Mica Heli Skiing offers a true small group skiing experience including:

   - 100% small group heliskiing
   - Four groups of four with two A-Stars
   - Additional single occupancy rooms
   - Panoramic dining experience
   - Roof top hot tubs
   - Separate bar and lounge
   - Dedicated fitness area
   - The same stunning location with even more spectacular views!

For more information contact Darren atl 1.877.837.6191 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Between the Frames with Sherpas Cinemas on Powder TV

Deep DEEP powder skiing with James Heim

This video popped up on our radar this morning and we saw that there is a short shot of a helicopter in it. We don't know which operator but we figured that since we saw the chopper that was all we needed to post it! This is a heli-centred website afterall. 

We apologize up front because the powder shots in this little video will ruin your day if you are sitting in an office! Tell ya what, check out our list of operators here, give one a call and book a trip. There has been a few storm cycles roll through lately and we are expecting an epic March. Come on now...pick up that phone, fake an illness and get out of the office!


At Snowwater Heli Skiing with Zack Giffin and Callum Pettit

La Nina, baby come back!

Here is a little look back at some La Nina powder from up at Snowwater last season. In January 2011, Zack Giffin and Callum Pettit headed up for a quick trip to Snowwater Heliskiing outside of Nelson BC. They took along photographer Grant Gunderson and tore up the place for a few days. Here is some great footage of the nice pillow lines one could expect at Snowwater this season...

Word on the street is that the snow is piling up at Snowwater and they will be all fired up for another La Nina pounding! They even put a little extra work in this early season and got their back-up cat roads into Peak 2 which is a first from what we hear.

For now, enjoy the video, check out Snowwater's availability, book a trip, and then just try to get some work done!

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NEH Soul Video Edit

Big Mountains and Big Snow in this latest vid from Nothern Escape Heli-skiing

This new video edit just popped up on our radar so we thought we had better share it right away! It is the latest promo video published by Nothern Escape Heli-Skiing in collaboration with Big Tree Media. We find it so painful to watch videos like this in the springtime but hold out hope for another sick season next year!

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SnowWater Heli Skiing Photo Gallery


The helitracks crew had the great pleasure to visit Snowwater heli skiing in early 2012.
We have a lot more to share about our visit to Snowwater, in the meantime here are some of the photos we took on our trip. We would also like to thank Patrick, Maria, and the Snowwater staff for an incredible experience.

A New Promo Video for Stellar Heliskiing

Shot by Absinthe Films, BrainFarm Cinema and Mike Parenteau Films

Stellar Heli Skiing is attracting a lot of attention lately and when you start attracting attention in the ski business you can get your self on the radar of film crews! Here is an awesome little promo video for Stellar Heliskiing shot by Absinthe Films, Brain Farm and Mike Parenteau Films.

Do yourself a favor, take a break from work and check out this video. Then do yourself a huge favor, call three of your best friends and book a trip to Stellar Heliskiing. Jason, Martin and the crew are a heck of a lot of fun to ski with.

Oh... and the snow reports coming out of Stellar have been, well...Stellar!

Bird's Eye of a Burn

Great Canadian Heliskiing from the air

Here is a little gem of an edit we found on the web this morning. It is produced by B4Apres Media from a recent Christmas / New Years 2011 trip to Great Canadian Heliskiing. It features some amazing bird's eye view video from above a very picturesque burn area with some chill tunes courtesy of the GCH staff and guests!

For more info on B4Apres, have a look at their website here:

Stellar bags another Cover shot!

This time it's the cover of Transworld Snowboarding

Stellar Heliskiing is on a roll this season. Last month they ended up on the coveted cover of Powder Magazine and this month they are featured on the cover of Transworld Snowboard Magazine! We recall Jason from Stellar telling us late last season that he was hosting a few film crews that were bound for Alaska but instead stayed around the Kootenays. We can see why...

The above video is a segment from the Transworld that they are doing for each cover shot. It tells a little bit more of the story of how the cover came to be. It also shows just how big the terrain is at Stellar Heli!

Another great shot guys. Congrats on the exposure!