2011 Powder Skis!

Fresh Boards for your pleasure

Here is a look at some of our favourite 2011 Powder Skis from K2, Armada, Rossignol, and  Volkl.

Armada-JJ-20112011 Armada JJ

Fairly mellow graphic, great ski that can do everything well.

k2-hellbent-20112011 K2 Hellbent

Ugly as ever, but still skis awesome!  Amazingly maneuverable for such a large ski, and you can still rail turns if you put em up on edge.

k2-obsethed-20112011 K2 Obsethed

Great graphic, gotta love the bright bases.  New Powder rocker on the front ( more like the Hell Bent ) with classic rocker on the back.  Still one of my favorite skis made even better.

Volkl-Chopstick-20112011 Volkl Chopstick

I really want to get these out in the powder to really try them out.  Great graphic, the Volkl feel in a big pow pow ski.

Rossignol-s7-20112011 Rossignol S7

Nice graphic, not as friendly on the groomed as the rest. Very solid ski. 

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