Powder Mountain Heli

Whistler, BC

Ever since we took over as the owners of Powder Mountain Catskiing, we've been looking at all the amazing terrain... just over there. We've been mind skiing it for over 5 years. Epic bowls, long glacier runs that have the most perfect pitch, peaks that just look so epic you want to drop in right now and do a thousand turns or just three from top to bottom and of course mind blowing tree runs that leave your jaw on the floor. It's all been sitting there, just past where we can get to with a snowcat. Waiting. We always said to each other "Imagine the runs you could get over there if we had a helicopter".

So we went and got one, and the skiing and boarding is so much better than we even imagined. In fact it was ridiculous how great the skiing is. We partnered up with Black Tusk Helicopter who have the 387 square mile (100,000 hectare, 1000 sq km) tenure all around us and down towards Squamish and Vancouver. It's almost safe to say if you have ever mind skied anything you can see from Highway 99 to the Powder Mountain base lodge on your way to Whistler, you can now ski it with Powder Mountain Heliskiing.


  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Toll Free Number: 1-877-PWDR-FIX
  • Telephone: (604) 932-0169
  • Powder Mountain Heli
  • Operation Type: Single or Multi Day Trips
  • Rates: $795 - $995 per day
  • Terrain Area: 247,680 acres
  • Helicopters: A-Star